Data entry login

LOGIN                            SANDBOX

Entry to the online data entry interface requires a username and password; your username will be associated with every piece of information that you enter into the database and only you, and a select group of super-users, will be able to edit/delete it.

Anyone may view the database and its contents by signing in with the guest account:

username: guest
password: kelpforest

You may use the same guest account to gain access to the sandbox version of the database in which to practice entering data:

If you would like to contribute data and are comfortable navigating the interface to do so, please sign up or write an email to, and we will create a user id and password for you.  When emailing us, please provide your first and last name and affiliation, your preferred email address (which will become your user id), and a preferred password.  Please also give us a sense of your reasons for being interested in the database and what type or sources of information you intend to be entering.