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The need for this database was realized during our CAMEO group’s first workshop in August, 2010 during which Rodrigo Beas (UCSC), Jarrett Byrnes (UMASS Boston), Mark Carr (UCSC), Jenn Caselle (UCSB), Jim Estes (UCSC), John Field (NMFS), Scott Hamilton (CSMB), Mike Kenner (USGS), Kevin Lafferty (USGS), Phil Levin (NMFS), Dan Malone (USCS), Mark Novak (OSU), Dan Reed (UCSB), and Tim Tinker (USGS) were present

The design was outlined by Rodrigo Beas, August Black, Mark Novak and Tim Tinker, drawing inspiration from the Alaska Current database designed by Spencer Wood.  The database structure and its interface were built and are maintained by August Black.  Rodrigo Beas and Mark Novak maintain the database and this website.  Visualization and export utilities are being developed by Michael Hoban, Rodrigo Beas, and Mark Novak.

To cite the database, please use:

Beas-Luna, R., M. Novak, M. H. Carr, M. T. Tinker, A. Black, J. E. Caselle, M. Hoban, D. Malone, and A. Iles. 2014. An Online Database for Informing Ecological Network Models: PLoS ONE 9:e109356.

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